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There is Safety in Numbers
There is Prevention in Networks
SATGIN is building both!

SATGIN has found that most individuals, businesses and the law enforcement commuinity are unaware of the South American Theft Groups and their global network of criminal activity. They do, however, feel the impact in the form of dollars lost from being the victims of these higly trained, well organized groups from South America. SATGIN provides  specialized training on these groups to law enforcment and its corporate members. This training includes updated intelligence, workshops, prevention and in some cases analytical assitance.

South American Theft Groups are recognized by the FBI as a "Transnational Criminal Network" that travel the world conducting crimes ranging from pick pockets to violent jewelry comando-style carjackings of jewlers.

SATGIN creates awareness, educates and trains the potential vcitims of these groups. SATGIN provides partnerships with law enforcment and its corporate members to share intelligence and prevent crimes.

SATGIN and its memebers have experienced first hand the violent crimes committed by these organized criminal gangs. Their perpensity to violence has grown in the last few years due to the fact that law enforcement, with the help of these partnerships has made a steady increase in the arrests of South American Theft Group members. In recent cases SATGIN has been instrumental in higher bonds set by the courts to keep these offenders in custody until they can be identified and link to other crimes and group members.

SATGIN has proven that these partnerships are the most effective tools in cutting financial losses, preventing crime, and reducing the loss of life and injury to victims. SATGIN has testifed in may case before the courts and is now consided subject matter experts when it comes to the South American Theft Groups.


All data contained within the SATGIN secured areas is sensative, confidential, and privileged information and shall be handled accordingly. To maintin the integrity of this information, the records will be accorded proper management and security, and will only be accesses and used by verifed corporate and law enforcement members, respectiviley, in acocddance with SATGIN policy, as well as state and federal law.

Activity associated with any aspect of the SATGIN secured area is subject to detailed monitoring and audits to protect against improper or unauthorized use. Unauthorized use includes, but is not limited to a legitimate business purpose, personal use, dissemination, sharing, copying or passing of information to unauthorized users and could result suspension of access. Furthur, unauthorized use and/ or dissemination will be referred to the appropriate authorities and could result in civil proceedings against the offending agnecy and/ or criminal proceedings agaisnt any user or other persons involved. Violations or misuse of the information contained in the SATGIN website may alos subject the user and the user's agnency to admistrative sanctions and possible disciplinary action by their agency.

Accessing of the SATGIN secured areas by any member, corporate or law enforcement constitutes their consent to the monitoring of all their activities, as well as agreement to treat the accessed information as sensative to on-going investigations.


South American Theft Group Intelligence Network™
"We are the CLEARING HOUSE for South American Theft Group Intelligence"
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